Facebook Tips and Tricks (Plus American Idol Commentary)

First of all, let’s get the AI stuff out of the way. Last night: DKC and I watched, but only with the power of DVR. There’s no way I’d sit through American Idol live, torturing my ears with some of those performances. Last night, there was really only two worthwhile songs. The last guy and the blond girl with pink highlights. Everybody else: junk. Having four judges instead of three: stupid. How about one judge instead of three. Simon and nobody else. If it weren’t for how much this show permeates pop culture, I think I’d have given up a few seasons ago. Any of you out there watching this season?

Now, on to Facebook tips. Today, I have two for you. The first is a link to a post talking about privacy and Facebook. Some straightforward advice about using the site correctly. I recommend it. The second is an observation. Yesterday DKC was wishing she could just get alerted to friends she cares about, instead of the “everybody and their brother” slew that shows up by default. Well, there’s a way to do this–it’s called Friend Lists. Click on the “friends” button on the Facebook toolbar, and you’ll be given the option to create lists for different friends. You can call them whatever you want, and add whoever you want to them. Then, when you’re on your home page, select the “more feeds” link (the little downward pointing blue arrow). Select your new Friend List from the dropdown menu, and voila–you’ll have updates that just have to do with the friends on that list. I know this is a bit confusing–it’s hard to describe. If you’re having trouble with it, just ask!

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