It’s Diet Time (again)

I’m back in Maine at last, and I’m hoping I get to stay here for the next long while. Since I left for Europe at the end of June, I have been in Maine a total of 10 days. A 3 week vacation sounds dandy, and it was. But when it’s followed by 3.5 weeks of tending to your dying parent and then dealing with the funeral, it all is much less than dandy. While I was on vacation, I didn’t really worry about my weight, because who in their right mind worries about weight when they’re on vacation in Italy. I had decided to go back on my normal diet when I got home, and I did.

For 10 days.

Then I went down to Pennsylvania, and I didn’t think about anything at all for the next 3 weeks. I didn’t have much to do other than eat, and I was stressed. This is a bad combination, and it all culminated in me getting on the scale when I got home and discovering I was 200 pounds, the first time I’ve been over that mark since March 2016. While on the one hand, I guess it’s great that I’ve been able to keep my weight down that long, on the other, 200 pounds?!? Between Italy and stress, I’d gained about 14 pounds.

Denisa reminded me that I shouldn’t be hard on myself after all that’s happened, and I know that and try to keep it in mind, but at the same time, I am very not happy with this trend.

So I’m back on the sugar-free, calorie counting diet again, and I’m back to telling you all where I am with my weight. I’m going to check in once a week to keep you up to date, though really, it’s just keeping me accountable. It’s the formula that’s worked best for me over the years, and why mess with something that works well? I don’t know how long it’ll take me. I’m not trying to lose weight insanely fast. But the good news is that looking ahead, there aren’t too many trips in my future, and the ones that are there are only for a few days. I can weather those no problem, typically.

It’s the weeks and weeks of doing things differently that gets me in trouble.

Wish me luck!


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