So this morning I read in Newsweek about Joost, this new program for watching TV over the internet.  Think YouTube, except with programs that are all approved by the copyright holders.  It’s in a beta invite-only stage, but I kindly asked someone for an invitation, and I have since signed up.  It’s pretty interesting.  The quality seems to be quite a bit better than what I’ve seen on YouTube, and there certainly are a lot of “channels” to choose from–although it seems some of the channels don’t have a lot of content on them just yet.  Still, there’s Transformers and GI Joe, which is always a plus, as well as music videos from around the world, things from Comedy Central, Sports Illustrated, Nickelodeon . . . and it’s all free.  If any of you faithful readers out there would like an invite, you have but to ask, and I’ll send you one.

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