Anybody who’s anybody watches the Oscars. That’s right. If you didn’t watch them last night, then you are officially nobody. How does that make you feel? This year I was particularly happy, because the directors who I think are the best thing since word processing were awarded with three Oscars. That’s right. The Coen Brothers did super good. I have yet to see No Country for Old Men–I’m probably going to have to wait for DVD, since I don’t get to go to the theaters as much as I’d like. But to me, it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad they got the awards. Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing, O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo, Blood Simple, Intolerable Cruelty, The Man Who Wasn’t There, The Hudsucker Proxy. Heck–I even liked The Ladykillers. These men are practically walking gods in my book, and I have yet to see a movie of theirs that I didn’t like. No, they’re not for everyone. Yes, they have some graphic violence in some films, but hot dawg–they’re darn good films. Miller’s Crossing was incredible. So I’m very happy they won. (*Extra piece of coolness: Ethan Cohen has the same birthday as me. Well, off by about 21 years, but still. Bill Murray does, too. Maybe I’m just naturally drawn to the work of people who share my birthday.)

As I was watching the Oscars, I realized something. They showed the Best Picture winners for all 80 years, and of the 80 films, I’ve still only seen 42. Sigh. (Although that’s a really cool number, and a cool coincidence–I still need to do better.) I love watching movies. L. O. V. E.

How’d my picks do? I got 13 out of 24. So better than half, which isn’t awful, but it could’ve been a lot better. I was 70% on the big picks, though (picture, actor, etc.) So that’s not too shabby.

On another note, some have expressed interest on what I’ve found about insulation. Basically, it seems like if you’ve got an old house, the steps to address are:

1. Attic
2. Windows
3. Walls

In order of cost, cheapest to most expensive. So I plan on putting extra insulation in the attic, and insulating underneath my main floor–between us and the basement. Denisa’s been making window quilts for the windows, and as for the walls . . . they’ll probably have to wait for another day. Or year. Just too expensive. But rolling out insulation? I got that covered. As soon as I have time.

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