Lest You Think I’ve Given Up on My Diet . . .

I know it’s been a bit since I posted about the diet (3 weeks ago already?), but I’m off to a meeting in Augusta today, so I have little in the way of time. A perfect chance to bring you all up to speed on my progress, and bring some personal accountability to the table for me.

I’m still going strong, and that included weathering Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, and now DC’s birthday party. Here are the stats for today:

Starting weight (on 1/19): 217.8

Current weight: 209.4

It’s going faster than I thought it would, honestly. That’s probably due to the fact that I’m actually eating healthier and exercising regularly anyway, so I don’t have as much current to swim against. I’m also being much more stingy with how I eat. Didn’t eat a single treat at the Groundhog Day party, for example. I’d just rather be done with the diet sooner, honestly. And my hope is that, since I wasn’t really gaining any weight with how I was eating before, I’ll have a better chance of keeping the weight off this time as well. (Always before, I started dieting because I just kept on putting on the pounds. While I’d put some on right before I started the diet this time, it was mainly due to eating holiday foods. That’s not exactly normal circumstances.)

As a refresher for anyone wondering, I diet completely by calories in/calories out. I have an app on my phone (myfitnesspal) where I enter all my food and exercise, and I shoot for no more than 1900 calories eaten per day. Well, that and keeping on the whole “no sugar” thing, but that’s not really part of the diet.

So there you have it. I’m still plugging away, and now I have to be off to Augusta. Have a splendid weekend!

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