Me and Sick

So I got sick again Friday night. Some sort of strange flu-thing that lasted all of 12 hours or so. (Is there a 12 hour flu?) Anyway–I debated even mentioning it, but hey–it’s my blog, so I can mention what I want.

That said, I also wanted to make a general announcement:

I’m well aware that I get sick a lot.

Really. You don’t need to point it out to me. I’ve heard most of it before, and when you catch colds and flus and whatnot all the time, it gets a little old when people remind you that “Gee, you sure do get sick a lot.” Now, sometimes no doubt I have friends on Facebook or wherever who have fallen out of touch with me for a while, and they are just coming to this realization. So I understand why I hear it every time I post am “I hate being sick” status update or blog post. That doesn’t mean I’m not tired of hearing it–just that I understand.

The good news is that this sick is nothing compared to how I was in Utah. In Utah, sick was a permanent thing for me. I had some sort of strange chronic fatigue thing going that none of the doctors could figure out. I’ve decided I was likely allergic to the state. I’m not allergic to Maine, thankfully–but I still catch whatever’s going around.

Maybe I should just stop making sick posts, but you know what? I like to whine. So I don’t think I’ll stop. I’ll just wind up with this:

I agree. I get sick a lot.

Thank goodness I get better a lot, too.

3 thoughts on “Me and Sick”

  1. I know he’s _supposed_ to be prophesying, but it _still_ looks like he just got out of bed and is stretching and yawning! So he’s probably prophesying “no sleep for you.”

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