Memory Thief in Paperback

It’s official. THE MEMORY THIEF is now available in paperback everywhere books are sold. (Meaning, no longer exclusive to just Barnes & Noble.) And when I went to Amazon to double check this was correct, I was rewarded with discovering a new review of the book, left by someone I don’t know. Gaelen Foley (who I assume isn’t the actual romance writer, but perhaps a fan of hers) left this lovely review:

Days after finishing this book, I am still thinking about it with a smile. When a book stays with you like that, you know there’s something special about it. I would highly recommend The Memory Thief to kids and parents.

I was really surprised that this author hadn’t written more books before this, because his style is very smooth and honest, and yet simple. As Charles Dickens said, to write simply is one of the hardest things there is.

Newer authors don’t usually get pacing as well as Moore does here, either, yet the story doesn’t miss a beat, and the tension continually builds, with twists I didn’t see coming. What I liked about it is that the adventure flows out of characterization, it’s not forced action. This gives the tale a lot of heart.

I also really liked the small town setting, and the creepy contrast with the weirdness factor once the fantasy stuff started unfolding. Maybe a tiny whiff of Stephen King influence, especially given the Maine setting (but don’t worry, parents, there’s no horror that’ll give young readers bad dreams.) All I know is that I have been to many a country fair like the main setting for much of the action here, and he captured it perfectly.

The real fireworks come from the whole premise of memory thieves who can steal your memories right outta your head! Very original, I thought. Moore made me believe it was real, and I started thinking about what historical experiences I’d have paid money to try out through somebody else’s memories.

That leads to me to one of the main points I wanted to make about this story. Parents & teachers, if you’re looking for a story to help your 8-12’s learn a lesson about having empathy for others, this book could be a great conversation starter. In this tale, the boy literally gets to enter several different characters’ minds and see the world through _their_ eyes. What a great lesson for all of us, and Moore presents it without ever being preachy. Very classy.

The family dynamics were handled sensitively, without stereotypes, and I guess one of the things I liked best about this book was that there’s just a real honesty to the writing. I’ll be hitting the “Follow” button on this author. I know I’ll want to grab the next books he puts out. 🙂

Head on over to Amazon to see it in all its glory. I know they say authors shouldn’t read reviews, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Nothing helps a book and an author these days quite like a good review from readers.


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