Nineteen Years

Tomorrow Denisa and I will celebrate our nineteenth anniversary. Seeing as how I’ve been writing this blog pretty regularly since around 2007, that means I’ve already written about our anniversary multiple times. Shall we see what I had to say about it? Why not.

I didn’t mention it for the first few years of the blog. That was back in the days that I didn’t share practically everything online. My blog posts were much shorter back then too. But in 2011, I wrote up a piece that discussed how Denisa and I eloped. (Pro tip: eloping is awesome, and I encourage everyone to do it.) In 2012 I was back to my sparse blogging style, just noting that I mowed the lawn and built a degu house. 2013 was slightly longer, with a few more thoughts on marriage in general, and in 2014 I talked more about how Denisa and I first met and started dating. I didn’t post about the anniversary again until 2016, in a bundled post about Tomas’s birthday (his twelfth, still a poignant memory) and my fifteenth anniversary. 2017 was a revisit to the early dating days, and in 2018 I wrote some deep thoughts on marriage in general and ours in specific. 2019 was a followup on that.

So there you go. Eight separate posts on marriage. That ought to keep you reading for quite some time, if you’re looking for something to do today. To me, what’s most interesting is seeing how the background of each of those pieces changed. How it went from just a small family, to other children appearing in mentions in the background, to having those children move into the foreground as time progressed. Life changes in increments. It’s a series of small day to day alterations, interrupted now and then by huge life altering events. But even after those events have happened, life goes back to those series of small changes.

Here’s hoping in a year from now, we’re looking back on this social distancing time as a distant memory. That life as we knew it has returned (more or less) to normal. How are Denisa and I celebrating this year?

Something tells me we’re going to be staying home . . .

Happy anniversary, Denisa!


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