Requisite Diet Update

I forgot to post yesterday, thinking I’d last posted on Wednesday of last week. (It should generally be on Wednesdays going forward.) I’ve done a fair job with the diet this past while. It’s easy to tell by how hungry I am, generally speaking. (At least at the beginning, when I’m transitioning away from an unhealthy lifestyle.) I ate too many cookies on Saturday evening, but we had company over, and they brought cookies. What was I supposed to do? Be rude? Refuse their cookies? (And their ice cream, because they brought ice cream. Did I mention that?)

No. I am nothing if not polite, so I ate their ice cream and five (or six) of their cookies, just to show how nice I am. Eat your heart out, Emily Post.

So we had the cookie incident, and I broke down and had some peanut M&Ms that were hanging around the house, but other than that, I’ve done a pretty good job. It’s always hard to go back to eating healthy, just because (as I’ve said many times before) food is my main stress reliever. So when the start of the semester rolls around and things are pretty hectic, it’s bad timing to suddenly cut that out of my life. However, eating too much food also makes me feel less than good, so in the end it evens out.

The net result of all of this? I was down to 195.2 today, which puts me back into “normal weight” territory, if only by a hair. 4.8 pounds down in a week. That’s an awful lot for a week, but the beginning of a diet always goes fast. I expect it to slow down a fair bit this coming week. (But maybe if I actually avoid cookies . . .)


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