Requisite Weight Check In

We’re on the other side of another holiday season, and it helps me to check in with you lovely people periodically to tell you how I’m doing in my Quest to Not Get Fat. (Not sure how else to phrase it, so I just keep it simple.)

When I last checked in, it was to let you know my plan of switching to a system where I eat the same thing every single day. Some of you thought I was a bit crazy for doing it, and my wife certainly shared the concern. How did it go?

Well, over the holidays I didn’t really stick to it at all, though I was pretty faithful through the first half of December or so. I made that decision to go with the oatmeal diet back at the beginning of October, when I was 190.6. Here I am, three months later, post-Christmas, and where am I?


So seven pounds lost, and in the middle of December I was down under 180 for a few days as well. All told, I’d say the diet definitely works. The biggest reason is likely because it’s not really much of a diet anymore. It’s just the new way I eat.

I’m not saying that I’m planning on only eating oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of my life. Rather, that I’m getting more and more used to not eating that much when I do eat. I still pig out occasionally, but my body can (still) stand a bit of pigging out now and then. What does me in is the steady, continual overeating that just makes me balloon up.

I can definitely tell when I’m not eating the way I should. I feel worse. Sick t my stomach. More tired. I generally feel better, physically and mentally, when I’m hungry, which is an odd statement to make, but a true one. I feel more alert and focused. And avoiding sugar is still one of the best decisions I made.

So I plan to be on the “eat the same thing every day” routine for a while longer, though I do expect I’ll take pauses from it now and then for dinners I really like. Will I come off it? Yes. Once I’m safely below my weight threshold again, I will. Though it’s nice to have a system in place I can start on if and when I inch over that line again.

Anyway. Thanks for listening and the words of encouragement. Being public about all of this isn’t really a way for me to brag about losing weight. Rather, it’s one of the main motivating factors that keeps me honest.


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