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Most times of the year, I don’t really care that much for sports. I mean, I certainly don’t play it at all, and I rarely watch it. Professional sports don’t particularly intrigue me. Sure, I can take an NBA game now and then, and the Superbowl is nice, and I’ll follow along to see how the Eagles are doing each week. But that’s about it. Even baseball is usually a passing interest. But there are a few times when my watching habits border on obsessive. March Madness, for one thing. Any time the Yankees make it to the post season. (Which is often, I’ll admit.) And BYU football (basketball comes at a trickier time for me to be able to watch all the games.) I watch BYU football compulsively. I yell at the screen. I read recaps of the games–right after I’ve watched them. It’s the one sport where I Really Care. Just ask DKC–she follows the games just to be able to have an idea of what sort of mood I’ll be in that evening. On the one hand, I know it’s silly: it’s just sports, after all. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the part of me that really gets into football. That part just grunts, scratches itself, and ignores the silliness. This year’s been a good year to BYU football (with the exception of that cursed FSU game). Some years . . . not so much. But I’m really digging this year–and so’s ESPN, judging by the fact that they’re holding Gameday in Provo this week. Talk about excitement. (Add to that the Yankees, and sports is taking up quite a bit more of my time than normal right now. Add to that all the work on my house, and it’s amazing I’m still sane. I AM still sane, right?)

Anyway, this is more of a general ramble about sports than anything focused. My brain’s too tired for focused right now, and it’s only Monday. That’s a bad sign.


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  1. BYU Football
    Bryce–this is Farrah–a friend of Denisa’s. I follow your blog regularly to keep posted on what’s happening in your lives (but mainly hers–I miss her a lot). I usually don’t comment, but you touched on a soft spot for me. BYU football. Yes, I’m a chick and I obsessively follow it too. I canceled my cable this year (to cut back on my Saturday habit of only watching college football) and I’m already drooling over Saturday’s game. I have already invited myself to a friend’s house to watch and have pleaded for them to record SportsCenter so I can see which mascot head Lee will put on. I’m with you here. Go Cougs!!

  2. Re: BYU Football
    Thanks for commenting, Farrah! Glad to hear I’m not the only BYU football junkie out there. 🙂 Man–canceled cable so that you couldn’t watch football? .That’s drastic–I don’t know if I could handle it, although I don’t get The Mtn, so I have to invite myself over to friends’ houses, as well. Thank goodness for giving friends!
    I’m really nervous for Saturday already. Go Cougs!

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