The Plane Trip from Hades

I’m finally in Utah, at the conference right now. Yesterday’s trip ended up taking 22 hours, due to a variety of reasons–some normal, some more exotic. There were thunderstorms in Newark, which delayed the plane I was supposed to be on. And then there was that Colombian soccer team.

What–you’ve never been delayed because of a Colombian soccer team before? You’re missing out.

They were being rambunctious at the back of the plane (sort of like the kids who were always rowdy at the back of the bus). And right before we were going to take off (after taxing and all that jazz), we turned around to boot them from the airplane.

That tacked on another two hours to my trip, as we had to wait for a gate, then wait for security, then wait for them to argue, then wait for them to find their bags, then wait to taxi again.

Have I mentioned how much I love flying?

But I’m here at CONduit. And maybe even on some panels today–it’s still kind of up in the air. Look for me if you’re here–I’m wearing the glow in the dark Vodnik t-shirt (on sale, but supplies are going fast. I’ve got 2 XL, 5 L, and 3 S left. If you wear medium, you’ll have to wait for the next round of orders).

I’ll try to update with how it’s going later.


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  1. Janet Brackett

    A plane trip FROM Hades, while unpleasant, is infinitely better than a plane trip TO Hades . . . just sayin’

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