The Sub-200 Club

So, for those of you who check my Facebook status, you know that as of today, I’m under 200 pounds for the first time in 12 years. That means I’ve now lost over 26 pounds. (Yes, three of those pounds came off yesterday due to my food poisoning, but I’ll take whatever help I can.) As I recall, I was 180 for a while during my sophomore year of high school. Working at McDonald’s put on 5 pounds in about 2 weeks that never came off, and then cafeteria food all freshman year of college got me to 190, give or take a pound. The MTC (Missionary Training Center, for you non-Mormons out there) added 15 pounds in 9 weeks. (All you can eat food minus any real exercise = big weight gain.) So that means that in November of 1997, I went from about 190 to about 205. I’ve never dipped below 200 since then.

Until today.

This lousy diet is no fun, but I gotta say I like the results. 26 pounds since February 26 of this year. And for those who keep asking, no–I don’t do any exercise. (Other than walking around town, etc.–nothing structured.) I’m not counting carbs, I’m not only drinking milkshakes–I’m not doing any strange diet things. I eat what I want still. I just count calories like Scrooge counts pennies. It’s all be calories in, calories out. I know I’m awful when it comes to routine exercise, so I wanted this weight to come off by eating habit change alone–to give it a good shot of staying off. is my tool of choice, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. My goal is 190 pounds. 9.4 to go. Once I get below 194.7, I’ll officially no longer be overweight.

There will be much rejoicing.

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