I’m against them.  My wife was trying to tell my son where we were going this evening.  The thing was, she was speaking in Slovak to him (as she always does).  There’s no word in Slovak for “viewing” in that context–because they don’t do them.  Clearly they’re doing something right over there.  I find it morbid and disturbing.  Maybe that will change if I’m ever very close to the lost one, but so far I’ve had uncles and grandparents die, and I have yet to see the point of a viewing.  What–so you can stand there and have everyone come by and shake your hand?  The only advantage I see is that it makes sure most of the people in the community don’t ask you painful questions later on.  Maybe it’s worth it for that.  I don’t know . . .

I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

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  1. Fairly Sure
    I am fairly sure the purpose in a Viewing is for family to get together, and for those of us who aren’t as serious as other members of the family to sit in another room and have a good chuckle….
    At least, that’s what it was for this time.

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