Weekly Check In: April 9

I’m back for my weekly accountability check in with all you lovely people. This last week was far from my favorite. Sticking with the diet even over Easter proved a good way to make one grumpy Bryce. That said, I didn’t cheat at all, even with Peeps popping up everywhere I looked, it seemed.

And the good news is that all that diligence paid off. I’ve made it to 180 this morning, which means I’m down another 1.4 pounds from last week, and 8.6 pounds from where I started. Things were still looking grim even as recently as Tuesday, when I was still stuck at 181. But as I always try to remind myself, those plateaus are temporary if you’re sticking to your guns. (Seriously. If my body is burning more calories than I’m eating, then it’s physically impossible for me to miraculously just stay the same weight. Otherwise, we just might have found my superpower.)

I am definitely getting tired of this now. It’s been just over a month since I had anything really different to eat each day. It’s not the day to day that I mind; it’s the times when I’m used to having something different. Easter’s a good example, but there are others. What if I want to go out to dinner with Denisa? That’s tough right now. Have a picnic outside? Also difficult.

Thankfully, I only have 5 pounds to go, and I haven’t tried any tricks to monkey with my weight. Once I’ve lost a bit more, I might just skip my evening shake one day, which typically loses me about a pound just for the next day. I want to make my goal of 175, but at the moment all that’s keeping me stuck to that goal is grim determination. Once I’ve hit that number, I’ll be taking a dieting break. The big overarching goal right now is to stay below 180 . . .


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