Who I’m Voting for and Why: 2020 Primary Edition

Another primary election season is upon us. This year, Maine is participating with a primary instead of a caucus for only the third time in its history. (For the record, I much prefer primaries. Let me go and vote and be done with it. I can’t stand the huge time suck that the caucus system always felt like to me. Sorry, people who actually like it.)

Due more to my inherent laziness than anything else, I continue to be a registered Republican. (If anything, I think I’d just unregister as a Republican and not register as anything else. But I have yet to be motivated to do so, because . . . why.) There’s only one option on the Republican ballot, and I would vote for literally anyone or anything other than Donald Trump. (I was trying to think of someone who would have to run against Donald Trump to get me to vote for Trump. Maybe if you had a necromancer bring Hitler or Stalin back to life, and then had one of them run for office, and the only other option was Trump . . . it would be a close call. I’d have to find out if the Republican party was going to back Zombie Hitler or not. Because if they weren’t, then I’d probably vote ZH, simply because I’d have to think he wouldn’t be able to get anything on his agenda passed without support from a major political party. What makes Trump so particularly awful is the way the Republican party has cashed in its values to embrace him. But I digress.)

So I won’t be voting for Trump. (I won’t bother to do a write-in vote, either, since a write-in vote will be counted as a blank vote, and remember: I’m lazy.)

If I were a Democrat, who would I vote for? Elizabeth Warren. Sorry, Bernie Bros and Biden Buds, I like Warren’s approach to things more than either of your candidate’s, and I certainly like her more than Bloomberg. Then again, to anyone making arguments of strategic voting (voting for a particular candidate because you believe the other candidates will lose against Trump), my response to that is a big “meh.” I think you should vote for whom you want to win. “Everyone” said Trump was unelectable. Everyone was wrong. I could see scenarios where a Bernie nomination results in hordes of scare tactics being used to keep Trump in office. I could see scenarios where a Biden win results in a bunch of disillusioned people just not voting at all. There’s a lot of time between November and now. Vote with your heart.

However, I will vote for whomever becomes the Democrat nominee, because I don’t care if we take out the Death Star by shooting an exhaust port right below the main port, or if we take it out by flying the Millennium Falcon right into the heart of the thing and blow it up there. All that matters to me is that Death Star comes out of the sky.

The only other issue on the ballot is an effort to veto the law that removed religious and philosophical loopholes to the requirement to vaccinate your children if they were going to attend public schools. Normally, I’d actually be fine with those loopholes. I respect the right for people to have religious beliefs that are different than mine, and as long as those beliefs don’t cause any serious harm, fine. But because so many people in our country have embraced the anti-vaccination movement, it’s causing our immunity to various diseases to crumble. And most of those people are using the religious/philosophical loophole to get out of the requirement. So . . . this is why we can’t have nice things, folks. I’m definitely voting no on that question.

Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you all go out and vote and participate in the process. Each and every vote matters, and the worst thing we can do is face our voting process each year with apathy. Vote!


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