A Quick Update

National Lampoon's Vacation (20th Anniversary Special Edition)Look at this! I’m actually getting a chance to check in with a quick blog post. I’m out here in Utah, scrambling around doing all sorts of things. Things like going down to Provo and checking out the dinosaur museum and the Bean Museum. Getting my grandfather’s car in Payson. Visiting with family. Visiting with more family. That sort of stuff. I’ve been taking lots of pictures and video, but I can’t get my iPad to connect to the wireless here, so I’m sort of incommunicado for now. It’s not you–it’s me. Don’t take it personally. Today the plan is to go to the copper mines west of Salt Lake. We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow we’re heading to the temple with my cousins, followed by who knows what in the evening. I’ll see if I can drop in now and then to update, but things will likely continue to be spotty until I get a more reliable internet connection. And that’s okay–I’m on vacation, after all.

Anyway–just wanted to let you know all is well. Happy August, everybody!

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