A Ten Year Old Reviews ‘Mythbusters: Behind the Myths’

TRC and DC are Mythbusters fanatics. TRC especially. So when I saw they were touring the country, I checked to see when they’d be in Boston. It would be right after our PA trip, which wasn’t ideal. Another long drive right after getting back? I wasn’t sold on that. Plus, we wouldn’t be done until 10, and not home until 1 or so–on a school night. Not the best options. But then I saw they’d be in Philly at the same time we were.


Except Saturday, when the big day came, I got sick. Go figure. I haven’t been sick for months, but I knew right away I wasn’t going to be able to go see the Mythbusters in that condition. Denisa still went with the kids, though. And they all had a great time. I’d hoped to be able to write up a review myself, but since I couldn’t see it firsthand, that wouldn’t make the most sense. So I’ve handed over review duties to TRC. Here you go–a ten year old’s take on Behind the Myths.

I thought the Mythbusters show was pretty cool, and they did a lot of really funny stuff. Like they had ASL interpreters, and Adam is like “So we have these ASL interpreters, and I’m going to see if I can find out some sign language for any funny stuff I say, like ‘elephant farts.’ Wait–wait–did you see that? Do that again! Okay. Apparently that’s sign language for ‘elephant farts.'”

Then they showed us how physics affected the way those machines where you whack it and a little rock hits a bell. They did a lot of sciency stuff, but they turned it into a way where it wasn’t all like big words. They also said that when they started, they thought they knew a lot. It turns out they knew 5%. I thought it was pretty cool, because if they had used all this sciency stuff, I would have not understood pretty much anything. And I guess probably not many people would have understood anything they were saying either. They told us that they aren’t really scientists. They’re just people who watch what things happen when you try to make them happen. The way they talked about it, they made it pretty interesting, and they demonstrated it live.

I also thought it was pretty cool to see Jamie and Adam in person. I have been watching them on Netflix for quite a long time, and I never thought I’d actually get to see them. Jamie really didn’t talk much. He just sort of did stuff and went around with Adam, because Adam was talking. Although he did end up doing a few pretty interesting things. Adam talked a lot and made it much more interesting for other people who had never seen the show before. He talked about how they started, how he learned to juggle, what Jamie was going to do. He also did a bunch on trying to make up a story on how Jamie came from his home planet. It was pretty funny. Jamie kept on interrupting, saying that’s not how it happened.

I like the Mythbusters because they usually use a lot of explosives and explosions. Even after you’ve seen a cement truck exploding 50 times, it’s still pretty impressive. They also tell you if you could actually do something, like if something could actually happen. They give you knowledge of what to do and what not to do. And it’s also not one of those reality TV shows where it’s planned out and everything happens perfectly. I mean, they accidentally overfilled the cement truck, and the myth was “Can I clean my cement truck with this stick of dynamite?” A stick barely made a dent. They probably used like 50-60 pounds in the final giant explosion.

I would probably recommend the show to people who like explosions or are wondering if it’s going to happen or just in general want to know a lot about myths. I would give it 10 stars out of 10. They did a lot of really cool stuff that I really enjoyed, like showing a tape of explosions twice. If you have sensitive ears, you should bring ear plugs.

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