Baby Update Time

We’re getting down to crunch time here, folks. The baby’s scheduled to come in a few weeks, though from what I gather, that basically means she could come at any time now. And more and more people are starting their conversations with me now by asking, “How’s the baby doing? How’s Denisa?” So I thought maybe writing up a blog post to answer those popular questions would be appropriate.

How’s the baby doing? Fine. I know that much more than I’ve known how any of my other children have been doing before they were born. Denisa and I have had to go down to Portland once a week for ultrasounds. We get to go down again today, actually. (I use the word “get” on purpose. I’m trying to remind myself it’s great we have insurance and can keep tabs on the baby like this at such a low cost to us–other than gas money and the time, we haven’t had to pay anything for this pregnancy. I know other people aren’t as lucky, and I’m very grateful for that. Still, those 4 hour round trips do tend to get old after a while . . . )

One of the ultrasounds detected a slightly high blood flow rate in the baby’s brain. Hence the weekly visits. But all the subsequent ultrasounds have been normal. So yay for that. We know that as of two weeks ago, the baby was already 7 pounds. So she’s not going to be teeny. But really, she’s doing fine. Loves kicking.

How’s Denisa doing? As well as can be expected for a woman who’s 38.5 weeks pregnant. She’s got permanent heartburn, can’t sleep well, can’t get comfortable, is sick of maternity clothes, and really wants the baby out out out. But she’s healthy and was even still baking this week. The woman’s a champ.

Oh–and the other popular question: Do you have a name picked out? And the answer is, “Yes.” But we’re not going to tell you until the baby’s here. So quit asking.

The not-as-popular question: How am I doing? I mean about the baby. Don’t get me wrong–I know that how I’m doing about this isn’t nearly as important as the other two questions, but I’ll be honest here. (As opposed to me never being honest on this blog ever, right?) I’m worried. Not worried about the baby. Not worried about Denisa. (Beyond the natural paternal worries to make sure they’re okay. I mean I’m not worried they’re not doing okay.)

No–I’m worried about me. It’s been five years since we had a baby in this house. That’s a long time to be out of practice doing something. We had things down to a pretty great routine the last few years. TRC and DC are doing great, Denisa had the bread thing going and was adding some teaching, my writing was going well. I know a baby’s going to disrupt all that. And I want the disruption, but I’m a man who likes his routines. I don’t like things I’m not in any control over, and I have no control over what’s coming. When will baby come? Who knows? What kind of a baby is she going to be? Who knows? Will she sleep well? Eat well? Will the other kids do okay with a third kid? Will Denisa be okay?

I don’t like unknowns, and that’s a whole bunch of them all at once. Will I handle three children?

I feel fairly confident that all will be well, but it’s still daunting. I’m much happier and confident when I’m in the middle of a problem or a situation. The anticipation of something . . . not my favorite thing.

Anyway–there you have it. A fairly complete update on the status of Baby 3. When will she show up? Stay tuned . . .

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