Netflix Instant Review: Romantics Anonymous

Sometimes I just adore Netflix Instant. Of course, other times I feel like there’s nothing to watch, but usually I find that’s a personal attitude problem, not reality. Case in point: Romantics Anonymous. An obscure French romantic comedy starring no one I’ve ever heard of, directed by no one I’ve heard of, and with a really boring looking cover?

Without Netflix, there’s no way I would have watched this movie. Even the movie summary didn’t really hook me:

Love and chocolates may yet win the day in this delightful romantic comedy, which follows the slow-burn romance of talented chocolatier Angélique and chocolate-factory owner Jean-René, lonely souls who secretly share a debilitating anxiety disorder.

Nothing there really grabbed hold of me and said WATCH ME. “Slow Burn” is often codespeak for “boring,” after all. But it was late in the evening, and Denisa wanted a funny movie (her typical request). Netflix told me I was going to give this one about 4.2 stars out of 5, and it was short. We gave it a shot.

I’m very glad we did. It really was “delightful.” The premise is simple: two people, both are intensely afraid of meeting other people and having to interact with them, find themselves in a middle of a relationship. Meanwhile, they’re trying to save a floundering chocolate shop. Also, the leading lady has a serious Sound of Music-fixation with Maria. (This is never said aloud in the movie, but she’s always singing the French version of “I Have Confidence,” and there’s even a clever recreation of Maria’s number as she goes off to be the nanny of the Von Trapp clan.)

It was a lot of fun.

Note that it’s unrated, but this is not One of Those French Movies you have to worry about. Probably PG13, but on the lighter side of that. 3.5 stars out of 4.

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