BIG CHANGES are Afoot In eBryceville

Oh yes, my friends. Big changes. What changes? Everything. My blog is changing. My website is changing. My religion . . . is staying the same. I guess not *everything* is changing.

But almost everything. Everything online, at least.

The big day is Monday. Come back to see all the lovely changes, The blog will be a new improved layout. The website will be completely re-awesome-ized. I’ve been looking at these changes as they’ve come together, and I have to say I’m pretty darned excited for them,

Can you tell?

So (assuming everything goes off without a hitch) tune in Monday to see all the cool new stuff.

Oh–and did I mention there’ll be a way for you to get your paws on some free Vodnik tattoos? Because there will be.

Nothing says “Super Bryce Fan” like a temporary tattoo . . . 

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