Review/Poll: Have You Seen The Three Amigos

I know that some movies don’t need reviews. Or at least, I assume they don’t. And yet I talk to people of the younger generations today, and I discover a disturbing trend: they’re completely ignorant of some of the best cinema out there. Gems like Ghostbusters. I mean, I actually had a conversation with someone older than twelve who had no clue who Bill Murray was.

Bill Murray!

This is a sad, sad state of affairs, my friends. Something must be done! But I don’t want to assume that you all have no clue about these classics. Instead, I want to ask you all a question:

Have you seen The Three Amigos?

I’m not going to make fun of you if you haven’t. This is too important to waste time making fun of people. This is a key part of our cultural heritage, and if I have to have a series of movie reviews highlighting obviously awesome movies, then I’ll do that. But if they’re going to just be “Hey! Remember that awesome movie?” posts, then there’s no point.

I watched it last night with the fam, then went over to IMDB to check out the details on the movie. 6.4? Some people have no taste, apparently. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are people out there who have a sense of humor, and there are people who don’t like the Three Amigos. There is no middle ground. I mean, come on.

Steve Martin. Chevy Chase. Martin Short. John Landis directing. (Can we say Blues Brothers? Animal House? Spies Like Us? Trading Places?) Randy Newman writing the songs (Toy Story? The Natural?) It’s classic 80s cinema, and it remains one of the most quotable movies I know. Lines like:

Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?


He’s not just famous. He’s IN-famous.


Hey! Hey you! You two! Look! Look! Look up here! Look up here! Look up here!

Sad to say, TRC got a bit bored in parts of the movie, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The gags are set up wonderfully. The Buttercup scene? Priceless. Gringos falling out of the sky? Lovely. And then there are the subtle things–like the sweater El Guapo gets for his birthday.

Great movie.

(I was surprised to hear that Landis had quite a different cut of the film, but the studio took it over. I’d love to see the director’s cut, just for kicks.)

Anyway. I’m off to Bangor for the day, but I leave you with this taste of the awesome you might haven’t seen in a year or two. (Tell me it’s just been a year or two. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen this movie) Enjoy!

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  1. One of the all-time greats. In fact, I have discovered that “My Little Buttercup” will get cranky newborn twins to settle down when nothing else will. It has become standard protocol at our home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the new blog, Bryce!

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