Birthdays and Dental Bills

First of all, a very happy fourth birthday to my son, who’s at home right now having a party with some friends. Hopefully the house isn’t trashed when I get back. 🙂 He’s been looking forward to today for the past month or so, and I really hope he has as big of a day as he’s been hoping for. Too often it seems to me that “big days” later on in life just don’t live up to how I remember them as a child, so I figure he’s got to get as many “big days” in while they can still be truly Big Days. If that makes sense.

My wife, not to be outdone, had a Big Day herself yesterday. To the tune of $2,200. Well, technically that Big Day won’t happen for a week or five, but that’s what her root canal and crown replacement are going to cost. Add to that the $1,100 crown replacement she’s already had scheduled . . . Dentists are no longer my friends. We’re even contemplating going to Slovakia to get the dental work done. Sigh. So much for home improvement this year.

And while I’m thinking of it, if any of you out there are looking for good flight prices, I’ve found a lovely site that searches them most spiffily. Check it out. You can see price history, search a buhzillion fares at once for multiple days and airports. Feel the goodness.

Finally, since I haven’t given a writing update in a while (on this blog, which is supposedly a writing blog), I’ll fill you in on what’s up right now. I’ve been researching agents to send Ichabod to for the last while, and I have about 15 picked out. Tomorrow there’s a couple more I want to look into, and then I’m going to work on my query letter and synopsis (which I’ve been fiddling around with in the meantime, as well), and then off I go a’ querying. Not holding my breath. Ichabod’s a strange duck of a story, and it’ll likely take a strange duck of an agent to take it on.

As for new writing, I’ve been thinking and pondering and toying with several ideas. The one I’m most fond of right now is taking Barboy and adapting it into a contemporary fantasy. Those of you who have read Barboy might find this rather strange. But I have plans. Good plans. We’ll see how it pans out.

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