What’s your idea of the perfect outside temperature? I’m thinking mid to upper 60s, myself. Yesterday was 80–too hot. Today’s upper 50s–just a bit too cold. Now, if it’s breezy, then you can get by with 70s, I suppose. But for just a normal day, no wind, mid to upper 60s. If you get chilly, put on a jacket.

How’s that for a random post? The party went well yesterday. I should post some pictures. But I won’t. Maybe if I get time when I’m at home and not on break. Wife and I watched Idol in the evening, and the fact that that dread locked monstrosity of a male elf is still in this competition while Tattoo girl gets the boot is more than a little irritating to me. But somehow, I’ll manage to get by.

We also watched Uncle Buck, a flick I DVRed some time ago and kept putting off. It was one of those that I remembered liking but thought that I’d hate if I watched again. You know what? This might lose me some street cred among film buffs, but I actually really enjoyed it–even more than I remembered liking it. But you know what, it’s a John Hughes film, the same guy who did Ferris Bueller (the movie that made me feel guilty for saying I was sick. Ever.), Breakfast Club (one of the best portrayals of high school I know), Planes Trains and Automobiles (a film that encapsulates everything I hate about traveling) and Sixteen Candles (a flick I refused to see for years, but now think is great). So maybe it’s alright that I liked it as much as I did. John Candy was great, and we had a blast. This might also have to do with my lowered expectations for the film, but even the wife liked it, so maybe not. Go check it out. What do you think?

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