Why are they so short? I mean, from what I’ve heard, there used to be a time when weekends only lasted a single day. Through the heroics of many people who I’m sure are important, an extra day was added back in the Nineteenth Century. Or something like that. But friends. Comrades. It’s been something like two hundred years since we added that day. Don’t you think that in the time since then, with all the advances we’ve made in technology, that we’ve earned ourselves a third day for the weekend? I mean, come on. We’re not all still using horses or churning our own butter.

I’m sure there advanced civilizations somewhere out there in space who are just rolling on the floor with laughter that we’re all down here with a five day work week while they’re up there lounging through their six day weekend. Are you gonna let some slimy alien make fun of our entire race like that? We’re better than this! All it takes is everyone to decide to get by with less. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Conservation! In these days of high energy prices and low resources, insisting on a five day work week is just another way of killing the planet. Think of the amount of energy we’d save if, instead of going to work that extra day, we all drove down to the beach, instead? And what a boost to the economy if we’d all have an extra shopping day.

Heck. I’m even willing to just compromise. Make it a smooth transition. Say this year, we have half days every Friday, and we wait until next year before we go to a complete three day weekend system. But we can’t wait longer than that.

The planet won’t let us.

2 thoughts on “Weekends”

  1. Hilarious.
    OK, that was funny. I mean really really funny. I like the 37 day week thing too, laughed out loud at that point.
    Thought you might get a chuckle out of a comment made last week. Former President Bush came to speak to the teams at the Robotics competition in Atlanta. He told them that this was, “Like the WWF, but for SMART people!”
    I personally am against the idea of the 3 day weekend. I send 3 kids to school 5 days a week. That works for me. Sorry.

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