Book Review: Eye of the World (and a WoT update)

The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, Book 1) The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan


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After all these years, I’m happy to say that I still enjoy Eye of the World as much as ever. Sure, there are things in the book that these days seem hackneyed, but at the time, they were bold new steps in fantasy, and I think that deserves some respect. The reason these sort of things became so common is in large part due to how well Jordan handled them. All told, I firmly believe this is a must read for anyone who wants to have a clue about modern fantasy and how the genre has come to be where it is today.

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And in other Wheel of Time updates, I’m over halfway done with The Great Hunt. I’m surprised at how much is in this book that I didn’t remember happening until much longer. For example, somehow in my memory, Thom was absent for far more of the series, and Rand didn’t meet up with him again until three or four more books were gone. And yet here he is. Some of this faulty memory is to be expected–when you’re waiting for the next book to come out, it can make things seem to take much longer. But I wouldn’t have thought that would be the case with book #2 . . . Maybe I’m just getting old.

It’s interesting to see how the series develops–with a fairly tight POV in the first book that begins to expand toward the end of it. Here in #2, we see the POVs broaden even further. I think this is an excellent way to introduce us to a fantasy world as deep as this one. We get the chance to see it clearly through one set of eyes before we start exploring different aspects and viewpoints.

In any case, still enjoying the read immensely, and not regretting rereading it at all. I love these books.

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