Castle BBQ

The big event of today was heading up to Trencin castle to have a barbeque and get dressed up in Medieval outfits and take some fun pictures. The archery practice was just gravy. For those of you who don’t know, my wife’s brother is the night watchman at Trencin castle. This means that we get super exclusive privleges normal people don’t get, like cookouts at the castle after hours. Talk about cool. (Although I almost had the cops called on me today when another person at the castle didn’t know who I was and started yelling at me in Slovak. You may speak a second language, but all knowledge of that language seems to vanish when you’re faced with an angry native. Milos came to the rescue.) We had a great time, and I took a slew of pictures, eight of which are presented now for your enjoyment. Behind the cut, of course, but if you ever wanted to see me looking like I was trying out for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, don’t say I never gave you the chance. And yes, pictures of baby girl are included, even if she didn’t make an appearance at the castle. Enjoy!

Action pose of Baby Girl. We’ll call her DC for short. Like the comics. Superpower TBD.

Superpower discovered. Daddy Kryptonite.

Fun times in costumes as DKC (that would be the person formerly known as Wife) gets Son (from here on out TRC) to pose for the camera. The goal was to look scary. They didn’t quite make it.

Family portrait. Two humans and a hobbit.

If this doesn’t look good to you, your tastebuds are broken.

TRC shoots his first arrow. I take a very well-timed shot. The other person is Uncle Milos.

Another one for you Vodnik readers out there. This is a picture of the square with the Well of Love, also known as the Vodnik’s home and the scene of part of the climax of the book. It’s been way too much fun visiting these places and seeing where everything happened.

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  1. Hey, email me a Wurst!!
    Just my luck I had to look at these pictures at dinnertime. That looks way yummy (wunderschoen unt alle dass). I just love the picture of fam in front of the castle. Anychance you could email me a full resolution copy?

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