Spent the day lying down today, for the most part. Took a brief walk, but I haven’t been feeling so hot today. It helped that it was raining buckets outside. The cottage has a tin roof, and I’m up in the attic (I’ll try to take some pics for you), and when it starts raining and thundering . . . you can really hear it. I also watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Overall, the film is an excellent contrast to Pirates 3 from the other day. Pirates is all eye candy and little coherent, meaty plot. Ugly is deliberate and methodical, slowly building to a layered climax. Pirates is fun. Ugly is art. I can recognize it for its strengths, but the pacing just wasn’t doing it for me. Lots of local color, twists and turns, but the things just too darn long. I know that’s sacrilege to say for a lot of film buffs. The movie’s the number 4 rated film on IMDB, for crying out loud. But when you’re sick in bed and want something to distract you, Pirates is going to work a whole lot better than Ugly. So, I’ll give it 4 stars for its influence and importance in the canon of film, but for pure fun, we’re only talking two. Too much thinking involved for me today.

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