Getting into BYU

My sister started a very interesting thread on Facebook. It began as a question about how GPAs are calculated in the BYU admission process, and it morphed into a “how do you get into BYU” discussion, with people offering a lot of helpful suggestions. I’d link to it here, but it’s a Facebook discussion, and so of course the link doesn’t exist, and it wouldn’t work even if I did. In any case, someone linked to a site BYU has set up to discuss admissions criteria. It breaks it down by what kind of student you are (incoming freshman, transfer […]

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On Racism, Rivalries, Idiots, and Bill Murray

It’s Monday on Bryce’s Ramblings, and usually that would mean a Vodnik Chapter Commentary. But not this Monday, because I’ve got something to say to you people, and it’s gotta be said today. Why today? Because the BYU/Utah game was Saturday evening. Because we’re coming into the home stretch of Major League Baseball games. Because the November elections are right around the corner. And because I’ve had enough of all of it. Yes, BYU lost the big rivalry game–something that BYU has been very good at doing (losing the big rivalry game) for the last while. Why do we lose?

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About that BYU/Utah Game–Mormonism and Sports

First off, yes: we were crushed. Utah played really well the second half, and BYU continued to play really poorly. At the same time, the rhetoric between Ute and Cougar fans continues to disappoint me much more than the loss did. It’s always so black and white with these two teams. To have anyone try and say that BYU didn’t shoot itself in the foot (or blow both its feet right off) in that game–that BYU’s ineptitude didn’t contribute to the lopsided score–is just silly. Yes, some of those turnovers were due to Utah. But a good portion were 100%

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Are You Ready for Some (BYU) Football?

Football time is here, and if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know what a junkie I am for college football. (Professional football doesn’t have the same feel to me. It’s too . . . professional. Part of what draws me to college sports is how each team needs to constantly fight to rebuild itself year after year. Building a “legacy” or simply buying a good team is much more difficult. Of course, don’t get me started on the recent string of college football scandals.) For better or worse, a good chunk of my attention is devoted

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Brandon Davies, BYU Basketball and the Honor Code

If you follow college hoops at all, you’ve likely heard the story: Brandon Davies, the third highest scorer on BYU’s team, was kicked off that team on Monday for honor code violations (supposedly for premarital sex with his girlfriend). Up to that point, BYU was having a fantastic season. We were ranked third in the nation, and it looked like we had a shot at being a 1 seed when March Madness begins in a few weeks. Last night, we lost at home by 18 points to an unranked New Mexico. Was it all because of Davies’ absence? No. He

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