Handling Rape at BYU

Sorry in advance for the downer of a topic, and trigger warning clearly, but this is something I came across yesterday and it’s really troubling me. The Salt Lake Tribune published an article two days ago detailing a terrible approach BYU has in the way it handles rape cases.  It’s a bit of a read, but I really encourage you to read it to get the full context of what’s going on. For those of you who don’t click through, the basics are this: when a student at BYU makes a rape allegation, that student is also turned over to […]

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Lest You Think I Have No Clout

Just a quick observation for you today, as I’ll be in library meetings for the next 8 hours or something, I posted on Friday about how BYU and Utah should stop playing each other in sports. Clearly, the rest of the sporting world was listening, because less than 48 hours later, the teams had been paired against each other in the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl. So let’s see . . . A football matchup that hasn’t happened in over a year. Each team’s final game of the season. Bronco Mendenhall’s final game as a BYU head coach. Pac-12 pride vs.

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BYU and Utah Should Just Stop Playing Each Other

Yesterday I had a post on my Facebook page about how I wanted much stronger gun laws, so today I thought I’d go with something on my blog that would be much less controversial. Much more . . . nah. Never mind. I want to talk briefly about the BYU/Utah rivalry. More specifically, I want to talk about how it needs to go away. Permanently. When I was at the Y, the Utah games were always the biggest games of the year, of course. Fans and players alike got very hyped for them. There were some really fantastic games played,

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A Few Thoughts on the BYU/UConn Game

As you know, I took the fam to the BYU/UConn game last Friday. It had been over seven years since I’d last been to a BYU game, and I’d been looking forward to a chance to take the kids out and show them what they’d been missing. We’ve gone to some high school games, but there’s a big difference to be out in a large stadium with a huge crowd. We had a really good time, despite some speed bumps. For one thing, Rentschler Field is just horrendous, from a logistical point of view. They close some of the roads

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

September: the month when the awesome all begins. Summer is dead and gone at last. The bugs are freezing to death. You’ve got the wonderful quadfecta of holidays right around the corner (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Groundhog Day). And you get college football. Football of any sort, really. Tailgating, brisk nights, nail biting comebacks, chili dogs, hot chocolate. September is almost enough to make living through summer worthwhile all by itself. This year, I’m starting my September early. BYU is playing UConn this evening down in Hartford, and I’ll be leaving shortly to go watch it first hand. (If we choke

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