Contest Reminder: Name the Characters in My Next Book

A reminder to everyone that there’s a contest going on that ends tomorrow. VODNIK is on sale on Kindle right now for $1.99, and to promote it, I’m giving everyone a chance to name my main character’s parents in THE MEMORY THIEF. How can you win the opportunity to do this? Easy.

You get an entry for doing any of the following:

  • Retweeting, blogging, Tumblr-ing, Facebook sharing, LinkedInning, Pinteresting–any social media networking–info on the sale itself. (Might I suggest you include a link to the Kindle book:
  • Review the book (good or bad–just be honest) on any site (Amazon, iTunes, GoodReads, Nook, Google, etc.) AND share that review on the social media network of your choice. If you’ve already reviewed it, just share the review again.
  • Buy the book/ebook–That gets you an entry, too. One per copy. Sorry–new purchases only.

This sale has been really successful, and it’s thanks to so many of you promoting it. VODNIK broke into the top 1000 of Kindle books, which is really rare for a book that’s been out as long as mine has been. It even got into the top 5 (and #1) in several of Amazon’s sales categories. So a great big thank you to all you’ve done so far–let’s end it on a high note!

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