Dear CBS Sports

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldDear CBS,

Thank you for posting all the March Madness games online. THIS is how you do online television. No hoops to jump through. I just go to your site and I’m on. Yes, there are ads, but there are ads in the TV versions anyway, so I don’t mind. And I can see it live. Incredible. Great picture–all around great. Now if only the Oscars and other live television would follow suit.

At the same time, could one of you please call over to your mother ship’s site and tell them that their Amazing Race streaming online needs to be tweaked some? The picture isn’t nearly as clean as Hulu or Netflix’s. I don’t mind it when you decide to go out and do something on your own instead of teaming up with an established partner–as long as you can do it well. In this case, you’re not.

Thanks for listening.



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