Discoveries at the 2011 Fair

I took the fam to the county fair on Monday, our fifth(!) one here in Maine. Denisa had gotten the kids all hyped for it–TRC and DC both entered paintings in the fair, and so they were excited to see how they fared in the competition. (Sorry for the pun.) Denisa had entered a slew of things, too. How did they do?

DC one first place for abstract art by a 3 year old, and TRC got second for his painting of a butterfly. (TRC was a tad disappointed DC beat him, but I reassured him that competition gets fiercer the older you get.) Denisa won best peppers, best onions, best jam, best recycled item (she turned a phone book into a basket), and various other second and third place ribbons. (I might have forgotten a first place in there, too–sorry, Denisa. You’re just too talented for me to keep track of it all!)

In addition to that, I completely broke my diet, what with the fries, the donuts, the turkey sandwiches, the maple cotton candy, maple syrup testing, and other maple items. But I walked a bit. That has to count for something, right? We also practically had our ear drums blown out by the demolition derby. (Loud speakers were a tad . . . loud.)

And then there were the rides. We discovered that DC is a total daredevil. She had no fear of any ride, and thought they were all a blast. Because she’s so tall (43″ or so), she could go on almost any ride she pleased. A rare event for a three year old. She loved them all–here’s photographic proof of all the fun that was had:

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  1. Looks like it was a real busy day at the fair. Those fairs in Maine must be awfully popular.

    And for once, I get to catch a typo on the English major. “Denisa one” a prize, or “Denisa won” a prize?


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