Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

While none of you arranged for Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday to me at a gala in my honor, I am nonetheless very grateful for all the well wishes and happy returns of the day that were sent in my direction yesterday.

What did I do on my Day of Fun and Celebration? I worked. I’d planned on going to the movies in the evening, but my local theater closed down for the day as they work on parking lot repair. Bummer. I had a nice family celebration, and I topped it all off with writing group in the evening.

I live an exciting life. What can I say?

Today I have a big presentation on how/if eReaders can be used in an academic library setting (exhilarating topic for most of you, I know). It’s at a state-wide library conference. Fun times. Tomorrow I’m in Bangor at a cataloging standards committee meeting. I hope to be able to duck out for a bit to post an update at what my fam did at the fair this Monday–I’ve got some really good pictures I think you’ll enjoy.

So, not much time for any specific postings. I’ll just leave with an observation I’ve made before:

Cool People Who Happen to Share My Birthday

  • HG Wells
  • Gustav Holst
  • Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Stephen King
  • Bill Murray
  • Ethan Coen (of the Coen Bros)
  • Luke Wilson
Which leads me to wonder if I’m not somehow predisposed to like people who were share my birthday. Then again, Nicole Richie’s on the list, too. So maybe not . . . 
Also, Sir Walter Scott died on my birthday. My birthday is the International Day of Peace (due in large parts to the wonders my efforts have worked in this world). It’s Independence day in Armenia, Belize, and Malta, a line from an Earth Wind & Fire song (Do you remember? The 21st night of September.) The same evening Joseph Smith had his first visit from the angel Moroni.
Clearly, September 21st is the most awesome day of the year, and only really cool people get to be born that day. In fact, I’m betting my birthday could beat up your birthday. 
Find this and so much more information over at the wonder that is Wikipedia. What does your birthday have?
Bryce, out.

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