Disney World: The Pictures

And here, as promised, are the pictures. Behind the cut, for those of you who don’t want to be bombarded with pics in your LJ feed. There are more on my Facebook page, FYI.

TRC and I get swallowed by a shark.

DKC and TRC at the Haunted Mansion.

TRC and I at Big Thunder Mountain

The fam at the castle.

Back to the Future!

Mary Poppins meets the fam.

TRC meets his idol.


2 thoughts on “Disney World: The Pictures”

  1. Re: Hey english major
    Um . . . sorry, Mr. Lawyer, but no. It’s right as is. TRC and I [standing] at Big Thunder. I is the subject. You wouldn’t say Me at Big Thunder. Well . . . YOU might, but it would be wrong. “This is me at Big Thunder” should be “This is I at Big Thunder.” Of course, in casual speech, you just say “this is me,” not “this is I.”
    But did you really want an in-depth linguistic analysis? 🙂

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