Happy Birthday, TRC

It’s true. My son is five years old today. That means that I’ve been writing a journal every day for the past five years. I set a goal to do it when he was born, and I haven’t missed a day since. I’m not really sure what to write about in this post. Before I had any children, I wondered what sort of father I’d be. I’m not exactly known for my great like of kids, and it worried me–how would I handle one of my own. If I’d known what I great guy TRC would turn out to be, I would never have worried a second. He’s my fellow theme park explorer, my video game partner in crime, my super spy agent collaborator, and I love the fact that he loves to spend time with me. The other day he was lamenting the fact that he hadn’t ever had a sleepover, and he wanted some friends to come over for one. Then I volunteered to have a sleep over with him, and he liked that idea even more. He’s been planning it since then–I think it’ll happen sometime this week. Anyway–I couldn’t be prouder of him. Happy birthday, TRC. Next year, maybe you’ll even be able to read these birthday well wishings. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, TRC”

  1. When we come we’re planning to stay in the motel but let’s plan a sleepover one of the nights with him, BRC & EC. Since they’re not staying every night that’ll make it seem like a “real” one!

  2. Awh
    Can’t believe he’s that big.
    And that you haven’t ruined him yet.
    I too am not a big fan of tiny people, but having your own is a whole new world. Sadly, you also learn to tolerate other’s tiny people — because you know they have parents who love them. 🙂

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