Flying Solo: Wife-less and Childless for the Next 2.5 Weeks

I Am LegendI’m taking Denisa and the kids down to the bus today, where they’ll depart on their 27 hour trip to Slovakia. Sending good thoughts their way over the next while would be much appreciated.

Sending good thoughts my way would also be appreciated.

I was thinking it over, and I don’t think I’ve ever lived alone for longer than a few days. As in, ever-ever. I know there are people out there who live alone all the time, and I don’t mean to be all mopey and whiny about it, but I think the transition from living as part of a household of 4 to living as a household of 1 is going to be strange and not very enjoyable. Still, I’m trying to look on the bright side:

  • Plenty of time to write. I can hopefully get through a good chunk of new Tarnhelm material. I’ve about revised the whole thing up to where I last left off, and I’m still very happy with it. My agent’s looking at some of the big tweaks to see if they’re operating as hoped for. It’ll be nice to have the time to just write write write.
  • Once I clean something in the house, it’ll stay clean–until I mess it up. My hope is to get things all in pretty good shape before I leave for Europe to meet back up with the fam.
  • I can watch any movie I want. Whenever I want.
  • I’ll be wicked busy with the hiring search I’m running, so I wouldn’t be at home much to be with my family, even if they were here.
  • I can Skype with the fam for free–a big bonus.
I don’t honestly know how these 2.5 weeks will go. Seems like the perfect setup for a novel, actually. Maybe I should write that. 🙂
In any case, this post is just to say I’m more than a little apprehensive about the next bit. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on what’s happening.

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