Happy Birthday DC!


Hard to believe it, but DC turned ten years old over the weekend. We took some time to look back at the pictures from back then. We’d been in our new home in Maine for just half a year. It was our first winter, and we had no snowblower and no experience to draw on for how to run a house in a Maine winter. It was our old wood stove, we had much less insulation, we were getting pounded by tons of snow.

And into all of that, we had our second child come into the mix.

Frankly, I’m surprised we weathered it all as well as we did. We still love snow and still love winter in Maine, and if that first year didn’t do in our love for those things, I don’t know what could.

DC had a small friend party on Saturday, and then we celebrated her birthday yesterday as a family. Denisa and I got her various crafty things. (On her wishlist this year? A nice pencil sharpener, and pencil erasers. She inherited her mother’s penchant for asking for reasonable gifts.) MC got her a gift too: she gave her a cold. Actually, MC, DC, and Tomas were all in bed sick yesterday, so it wasn’t quite the huge celebration she might have hoped for.

She got to pick her birthday dinner and dessert. After being temped by mac and cheese and chocolate cake, she ended up going with . . . spinach soup. I am not making this up. Spinach. Soup. And sourdough biscuits. It was without a doubt the most un-kidlike dinner choice I’ve eaten. That said, I love spinach, and Denisa made a delicious soup. Tomas was less than enthused about the choice, however. For dessert, she asked for lemon poppy seed cake with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

DC remains a wonderful daughter. She’s by far the most responsible girl I know. She takes her duties on the chore chart very seriously, and loves knowing what the rules are and how following them can help her. She’s become a much stronger reader this last year and is now working on finishing book 5 in the Percy Jackson series. She’s also an avid video gamer who beat Zelda Breath of the Wild not too long ago and is now working her way through Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. She’s always up for a board game or a craft project, and she loves playing her cello. Her room stays surprisingly neat.

Really, she’s just a great all around daughter, and I’m so happy she’s in our family. Happy birthday, DC!


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