Heavy Meta #14: Interview with William Geller


Up this week, a fascinating interview with William Geller, who’s been researching sporting and logging camps in Maine. To see all his books published at the Digital Commons at the University of Maine, head on over to here. I learned so much about things I knew nothing about during this interview. Check it out!

Right click to download audio file.


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2 thoughts on “Heavy Meta #14: Interview with William Geller”

  1. Thanks for making this interview with Bill available. He has done, as you now know, a tremendous amount of work to make this history available to the public. It would have been even more enjoyable had closer attention been paid to microphone placement and audio levels. At times Bill’s comments were barely readable while the interviewers were booming in loud and clear. This is not meant to be critical but rather helpful in the future.

  2. Sorry about that. Bill is soft spoken, and we unfortunately just have the one mic. It was actually placed much closer to him that it was to me, but my voice tends to carry much further. I’ll try to encourage our guests to speak up in the future.

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