House of Cards in Retrospect

I’ve been making may way through the Netflix version of House of Cards. Really enjoying the show, although they certainly could have toned down some scenes and still had the same effect. But what’s really been interesting to me is how in a pre-Trump world, the show tried to depict ruthlessness and power mongering, and how I just don’t think it has the same impact in a post-Trump world.

In other words, the show keeps trying to have politicians push the edge. Be as mean as you’d could imagine. As spiteful as possible. (It’s the antithesis in many ways of The West Wing.) And yet the things they have them do have almost always been trumped by Trump at this point.

Giving away cabinet seats to people who are grossly unqualified? Check. Outright nepotism? Let me count the ways. It’s almost like Trump got into politics because he watched House of Cards and thought that kind of life looked fun,

I know I don’t post too much about Trump these days. I feel like he’s doing a horrendous enough job all on his own to make me pointing it out regularly feel kind of redundant. That said, I do check Fox News now and then, and I’m continually surprised by how little they seem to report about the silly things he’s doing. This makes me wonder if I’m falling victim to media bias, but then I go back and check what he tweeted or said or promoted, and I’m reminded that no, I’m not. Still, I can see how Trump supporters continue to support him. The people they turn to and trust for unbiased opinions are giving them nothing but. When all you hear is that “anything negative you hear is a media smear job,” then it becomes much easier to feel good about things.

Just look that those folks in North Korea.

Anyway. No time for much more of a post today. Busy busy busy. Keep fighting the good fight, folks. Catch you tomorrow.

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