In Which a Great Deal of Time is "Wasted," but Not Much Relaxation is Accomplished

For how much I read and watched movies yesterday, you’d figure I’d be a lot more relaxed. You’d be wrong. Still, it was fun to watch them and read the book I finished. At work, while I was at the reference desk, I read Identity Crisis, a graphic novel that had just about every superhero I’d ever heard of in it. Well, all the DC ones, at least. One of the superhero’s wives is murdered, and they all turn out to find out who’s doing it. A very fast read, and very enjoyable. Three stars.

I came home and watched An American Tail: Fievel Goes West with TRC while DKC worked. It wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it–the animation was off, the plot was tiresome and the characters forgettable. A shame it was Jimmy Stewart’s last movie. One and a half stars. The original was much better–go figure.

After TRC went to bed, I got to pop in my Netflix Blu-ray of The Forbidden Kingdom, which should have been a disc full of awesome, but ended up being only pretty cool. I mean, come on: Jet Li and Jackie Chan, with action choreographer Woo-Ping Yuen (the guy who did Matrix and Crouching Tiger)? How could you miss? Well, you could rewrite the script five times, many of those times right in the middle of filming. The story is basically: kid from Boston gets thrown back in time to ancient China, where he has to help mythical Chinese figures overcome an evil warlord. In the process, he learns Kung Fu. Riiiight. The fight scenes were great, the cinematography fab, but the acting of the American kid left much to be desired. Watch it for the fights–just don’t expect much from the story. Two and a half stars, because Jackie Chan would show up and wallop me if I gave it any less.

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