Locked Out of the House

I had memories of high school come flooding back yesterday. Not because I was meeting with my old high school friends, or because I saw something that I used to watch in high school. No–it’s because I got locked out of my house. DKC forgot I come home earlier than I have been for the past year, and she and the kids were gone when I came home. House was locked, and the three house keys I had didn’t work. (Long story. Don’t ask.) So I was on my own for a half hour, waiting for her to come back. Of course, one advantage I had yesterday that I didn’t have in high school was that I had a cell phone and could call her and remind her that I needed to get in. That wasn’t the case in high school. I was part of a very busy family, and with so many schedules up in the air, it’s inevitable that now and then, people end up getting locked out of the house. (Usually because I forgot my keys, I suppose. Did I even have keys? I don’t remember.) In any case, I DO remember many a time hanging around outside until someone showed up.

That’s what I did yesterday.

It was cold.

You’ll all be happy to know that I now have ditched the keys that don’t work and have one key that does. I checked it, just to be sure. No more getting locked out of the house.

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