In Which I Make a Plea to the General Television Audience

Okay, folks. I’ve had it. Your standards are all too low. I’m sick and tired of the fantastic television shows getting canceled while the shining stars of mediocrity get renewed year after year. Cases in point:

Pushing Daisies? Canceled. Eli Stone? Canceled. Arrested Development? Canceled. Firefly? Canceled.

Wife Swap? Now in its fifth season. The Bachelor? Seventh season. Hell’s Kitchen? Sixth season. COPS? Twenty-first season.

Now, granted–every now and then you give a show like Lost its fair dues. And you let Seinfeld do quite well, so I’m willing to cut you a bit of slack. But the fact of the matter is that tv studios wouldn’t make crap if you didn’t watch so much of it. I saw an ad last night for Howie Do It. Please make this show fail. Give me at least a glimmer of hope for your general taste in television.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Plea to the General Television Audience”

  1. Agreed
    Although, the only one you mentioned was Pushing Daisies. I liked that one a lot. Although fairly unbelievable.

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