25 Things About Me

Just finished typing this up for a Facebook note, so I figured I’d put it up here, as well. No sense in letting hard work go to waste and all that. Have a nice Thursday!

25 Random Things About Bryce

1) I celebrate Groundhog Day. Passionately.

2) I feel compelled to set my alarm for a time that ends in 5, ideally 25 or 55 (6:25, 7:55, etc). 5:55 is the best, and that’s when I typically get up each day.

3) I’ve only been to one “rock” concert in my life. It was Barenaked Ladies. I had a good time.

4) I’ve written nine novels, including an alpaca fantasy adventure and a post-modern adaptation of Sleepy Hollow.

5) I’m abysmal at keeping in touch with old friends. Or at least I used to be, before Facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚

6) My favorite color is gray. Black’s the second one.

7) I’ve been a fast food worker, gas meter reader, German transcriber, PR intern, Mormon missionary, admission statement tutor, English instructor and librarian.

8) I went and did study abroad in Jerusalem for two months. Loved it.

9) I speak English, German, Slovak and American Sign Language (though the ASL is getting admittedly rusty).

10) I asked my wife out on a date only because I had a goal to date thirty girls in one semester. I made it to 18. She was number 17. (Date #18 had already been scheduled in advance, or else I never would have made it that far.) Best goal I never reached.

11) I eloped.

12) I usually watch about four movies a week.

13) I love to bake but don’t really like to cook. I especially dislike cutting vegetables.

14) I’ve owned two cars. The first was a 96 Pontiac Grand Prix named Rose, and the current one is a 2007 Honda Civic named Buhrookie. My son named it. His favorite movie is Cars, and they refer to the main character as “The Rookie” at times. He thought it was the car’s name: Buhrookie.

15) I’ve been blogging for two years or more, pretty much every weekday. I have no clue how many people actually read it, but I enjoy it.

16) I probably would be on my way to becoming an English professor right now, if any of the nine programs I applied to had accepted me. I think I’m happier as a librarian than I ever would have been as a professor.

17) I’d like to own a dog, but I’m not sure I’d really like to look after it all the time. Hence, I don’t have a dog.

18) I have difficulty throwing things away. I’m not a full-fledged hoarder (no stacks of newspaper in my house), but I definitely could stand to declutter some more . . .

19) I have never read Jane Eyre. Or anything by Jane Austen or her ilk. ๐Ÿ™‚

20) I wear the same pair of shoes pretty much every day (except to church). It’s been the same brand and make for the last seven or eight years, too. Nike All Condition Gear.

21) My handwriting’s so bad, even my wife has trouble reading it. I seldom write long hand anymore. Typing or bust, baby!

22) I was Eeyore in a high school production of Winnie the Pooh. I still collect Eeyore things, although I don’t wear an Eeyore hat anymore.

23) I keep lists of things to do. If it doesn’t make it onto the list, it usually gets forgotten.

24) I hate shopping in person. I buy practically everything online, if I can.

25) Some people bite their fingernails. I bite my fingers. There’s a callous on my right hand forefinger from where I bite it. I don’t do this consciously–at times I’ve very surprised by the callous, because I forget that I’ve been biting my fingers. Go figure.

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  1. You were right
    They WERE random.
    You’d better go to bed early if you’re getting up at 5:55… I get up at 6 and I’m in bed by 9.

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