In Which I Shall Not Talk About Politics

I could post something political today. My thoughts on the inauguration, or historic moments in general, or whatever. But I figure ya’ll have quite enough of that as it is today, so instead, I shall regale you with Tales of My Weekend.

Um . . .

I shoveled snow? Yeah. Definitely did that. Oh–and brought in some more wood for the ol’ wood stove. I watched movies (Hairspray (liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Fun music, nice dancing. Three stars), Dumbo (Classic–and a lot stranger than I recalled. Three stars), Zodiac (Yet another three star movie. A little too rambling at times, but an intriguing plot, and very well put together.) and War,Inc. (I’m going to give this one three and a half stars, just to mix things up a bit. John Cusak in a pseudo sequel to his brilliant Gross Pointe Blank. This movie’s not for everyone, but if you’re a Cusakaholic like myself, it’s gravy.). I wrote quite a bit. Played bass, cleaned the house, played with the kids, went shopping . . . lived life. It was a nice weekend, and I got some much needed sleep.

Feeling much less worn out today, although I’ll admit a certain level of frustration with my writing. There are ups and downs, and right now I know I’m in one of the downs. Feeling like the book’s garbage, yada yada yada. It’ll be good to be done with it–get it out the door, and then on to the next one. Good think I like writing so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

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