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It’s been a while since I cross posted what I’ve been writing for my library blog, Browsing Room, so I thought I’d put this up here, just because it’s a helpful article (on the current state of internet browsers today) and as a reminder that, hey–I write a library blog. Check it out, and if any of you have any library-related questions, you always know where to find me. 🙂

For those of you playing along at home, Firefox has updated to a brand new version number this morning: 10.0. Of course, as I’ve noted before, those new version numbers seem to mean less and less these days than they used to. Case in point? The first (FIRST) listed “new feature” for Firefox 10? They’ve hidden the “Forward” button until you hit the “Back” button.


Firefox, you just blew my mind. All this time, that’s been the one thing that I’ve been hating most about browsers. That pesky Forward button. Thank goodness it’s gone now. I’m so happy we have a brand new version of your browser. Totally worth the wait.

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