Merry Christmas–Funny Christmas Article

A Christmas Story 20 Inch Leg Lamp Prop ReplicaI assume most of you probably won’t read this, since many of you have gone home for the holidays, aren’t at work, and certainly aren’t checking your blogs. But some of you might be stuck at work today, and if that’s the case, I’m here to provide you with at least a little bit of time-wasting and amusement. I read this article by John Scalzi the other day and debated linking to it. I personally find it hilarious, but some of you might find it sacrilegious. The author basically does a mock interview with the innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary. It spoofs many popular Christmas songs and even lampoons some of the concepts of the traditional nativity (what gifts the wise men brought, the cleanliness of a manger, etc.) So be warned–if you’re the kind who holds your creche sacrosanct, you might not want to be clicking here to check out the article. Otherwise, click away and be amused.

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