Movie Review: Matilda

Denisa and I went to see Matilda back when it was on Broadway, and we both really enjoyed it. The music is different than a typical musical: a bit more dissonant and free form than a classic Music Man or Phantom of the Opera. But I liked the creative rhymes and the way those rhymes fit into the verse, and I actually listened to the cast recording all the way through several times since. So when I saw Netflix was coming out with a movie adaptation of the musical, I was very excited.

Not excited enough to watch it the moment it came out, apparently, but the family all checked it out last night, and I was really blown away. Now mind you, my opinion is likely heavily influenced by the fact that I was already very familiar with the music and a big fan of it to begin with, but even if I try to set that aside, it was impressive on many different fronts.

First off, the girl they got to play Matilda did a fantastic job. Great singing voice. Great acting. The entire cast is superb, with Emma Thompson almost unrecognizable as Headmistress Trunchbull. (She also sang her own numbers, and did well enough that I had to double check it was her singing. Turns out she’s got a theater background.) The execution of the musical numbers is impressive as well. The choreography they devised for the children at the school was very fun and well danced. (Is that how you say it? I don’t exactly write about choreography very much.)

The set design, the costumes, the whole vibe of the movie: all of it gels together in a way that was loads of fun. Watching just how vile Trunchbull was to the children was highly entertaining (which I suppose says something about me, but (in my defense) it’s clearly done for laughs.)

All in all, the entire family loved it. Daniela gave it an 8, MC said it was absolutely fantastic, and I gave it a 10, believe it or not. I will likely watch it again soon. So if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, I would definitely check it out. Great fun.


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