Netflix Report: Positive

So I’ve now watched my first two Netflix movies. Blu-rays, actually. And I’m totally digging the setup. I get movies in the mail, don’t have to do anything, talk to anyone, go anywhere–this is my kind of scam. And the picture quality on Blu-ray makes the quality of hi-def Dish Network pale. Very pleased. What did I watch?

The first film was watched with DKC: Get Smart. I never saw a whole episode of the original series, but I’m a Steve Carell fan, and we really enjoyed this film. Funny and fast-paced, even if it was predictable. Still a blast to watch. Carrel didn’t disappoint, and I actually liked Anne Hathaway, which bucks the trend for how I usually think of her in movies (with the exception of The Devil Wears Prada). Maybe she’s actually growing on me. Three stars.

The second was a me-only movie: 3:10 to Yuma–the remake, not the original. I had heard good things about this movie, but it totally blew me away. I’m a big Western fan, and this one was a throwback to the good ol’ days. Good and bad were completely blurred, and the boundaries of both were strongly questioned through the film. What really made the film pop for me was the ending–this was Unforgiven good here. The acting jobs were all spot on–loved Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. I can’t recommend this movie enough. Four stars. And seeing it on Blu-ray? Awesome. Now I just need a sound system, and my movie watching days will be about as great as my budget will allow.

Anyway–I now have Leatherheads waiting for me at home, and The Forbidden Kingdom should be here by tomorrow, too. Life is good.

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