Oh Crud. It’s Election Season Again. (My Thoughts on the Republican Primary Debate)

The Manchurian Candidate (Special Edition)Well, last night was the first Republican primary debate. On a bright note, one thing I think we can all thank Obama for is the fact that we won’t have to watch any Democrat primary debates. In my book, the fewer debates, the better. There’s something just inherently greasy, watching a bunch of people use one type of strong rhetoric to get their party’s nomination, and then switch rhetoric to get elected. Both sides do it, and I dislike it.

That said, I still watched the primary debate. Why? Because I’m still trying to get a wedding present from a president. (Long time blog followers will recall that Mitt Romney is a personal friend of the family, and that he gave Denisa and me a very nice punch bowl and platter for our wedding. Since no other presidential candidate yet has given me as nice a gift (well, any gift for that matter), I have a very personal connection to wanting Romney to win. That’s right, America. My vote can be bought. You listening, Bachmann? Gingrich? The current bid is a punch bowl and platter. I’m open to a new sofa, or perhaps a nice love seat.)

What did I think about it this time? I thought that some of these candidates are extremely scary. I found Herman Cain particularly repugnant. CNN summed up one of his statements thusly:

Cain repeated that he would be uncomfortable with a Muslim in his Cabinet unless he was sure it wasn’t one “trying to kill us,”

That’s right, America. You need to figure out what type of Muslim you’re dealing with before you just put ’em in your Cabinet. Brings to mind Glinda the Good Witch saying in a pipy voice, “Are you a good Muslim, or a bad Muslim?”

Nauseating. He should be ashamed of himself. That was the low point of the evening for me. Using hate mongering to drum up support is a terrible practice.

In the end, they all seemed like a bunch of crabs, trying to claw their way out of a pot (while saying “Obama is a loser” as much as possible). As much as I think Ron Paul is out there on some issues, I have to admit I admire him for stating his opinion frankly and with no apologies. I wish every candidate would be so forthright. It’s refreshing.

I also have to criticize CNN for the way it ran the debate. John King was kind of a jerk the whole time. He kept wanting to cut in to everyone’s remarks. Then again, with so many candidates on stage trying to clamor for attention, it was like watching a cat herder at work.

Anyway–got something to say about the debate? Want my take on a particular issue? Fire away.

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